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2011-08-28: Here is a video slideshow I created from several series of ten shots (20 -30 seconds each) of different views of the Milky Way as seen over the Ashton Observatory in central Iowa. Ashton is run by DMAS (Des Moines Astronomical Society).
Click to view the 3 minute video with sound: Milky Way Over August Iowa. Enjoy.

July and August, 2011: Various shots with new Astro Tech 111 mm refractor on Celestron CGEM mount, shooting Canon T3i DSLR camera with prime focus arrangement. 
web_Jup3m_0600_5x7.gif (113496 bytes) web_M27_0480_5x7.gif (1823170 bytes) web_M57_0420_5x7.gif (986139 bytes) web0158_Saturn_4x5.jpg (3932 bytes) 
web_Moon_0407_5x7.gif (1071642 bytes) web_Moon_0522_5x7.gif (1124070 bytes) webM13_0815_12x18fclose.jpg (130653 bytes) webMW_0839_12x18.jpg (278810 bytes) webMW_0841_12x18b.jpg (255688 bytes)
1.  Jupiter and three moons
2.  M27 Dumbell Nebula
3.  M57 Ring Nebula
4.  Saturn
5.  Moon waxing 60%
6.  Moon more waxing 80%
7.  M13 globular cluster
8.  Central view of northern hemisphere Milky Way
9.  Northern view of northern hemisphere Milky Way.

Autumn 2009: Having a great time with new Orion XT8 Dobsonian telescope, and Meade LPI imager, and Sony point-and-shoot camera held over the telescope eyepiece. 
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Camera: Sony DSC-W300.
Telescope: Orion SkyQuest XT8 classic dobsonian; 26 mm eyepiece.

04wall_Moon20090801_6.jpg (117728 bytes) 05wall_Moon3_20091031.jpg (169305 bytes) 06wall_Moon14_20091031.jpg (189630 bytes)
Camera: Meade Lunar Planetary Imager
Telescope: Meade ETX80AT refractor.