Hughes Kids
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Hughes Kids

Tom, Bob, Mary, John, Kathy, and Tim are the children of Dick and Marie Hughes of Remsen, Iowa. They grew up on a farm southeast of town. To settle any argument about how cute they were, the following photos are offered. Even when grown up, they seem to be up to their old tricks, and still look pretty darn cute, too.

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1.bob_trioporch.jpg (121707 bytes)  2.bob_tom02.jpg (123870 bytes)  3.bob_tom01.jpg (83911 bytes)
    1: May, 1950, Tom (3), Mary (1), Bob (2).
    2: March, 1950, Bob (2), Tom (3).
    3: Same day, same guys.

4.bob_2_boots01.jpg (164137 bytes)  5.bob_2_boots02.jpg (101471 bytes)  6.bob_ribs.jpg (111473 bytes) 
    4: May, 1950, Bob (23 months)
    5: "Cowboy up!" says Wrangler Bob. 
    6: Tom & Bob - remember when they still had ribs?

7.bob_4_bbuniform.jpg (145605 bytes)  8.bob_4_sibs.jpg (106120 bytes)  9.bob_4_sitcake.jpg (107267 bytes) 
    7: June 1, 1952, Bob at 4 years.
    8: Pretty proud of the uniform.
    9: Such a big cake for one guy.

10.bob_kgart.jpg (108054 bytes)  11.bob_1stgrade.jpg (129588 bytes)  12.bob_bike.jpg (205156 bytes) 
    10: 1953, Tom (1st grade), Bob (Kindergarten).
    11: 1954, Bob (1st grade), "Evil Twin" says sister, Mary (Kindergarten).
    12: 1955, Bob (7 years) giving the little kids a demo of the big bike.

13.bob_actingshot.jpg (88523 bytes)  14.bob_shooterlineup.jpg (82488 bytes)  15.bob_1st_comm.jpg (65028 bytes)
    13: 1955, Bob showing early theatrical skills as little brother, John, shoots.
    14: Same day, this shoulder thing appears to be a trend.
    15: Later that same year, Bob is oh-so-angelic for his 1st communion.

16.siblings6.jpg (110658 bytes)  17.bob_rabbit.jpg (69671 bytes)  18.web_hughes_kids.jpg (150165 bytes)
    16: Dec., 1960, Bob is 12 (back, l-r: Tom, Bob, Mary, John; front, l-r: Kathy, Tim).
    17. 1962, Bob (14 years), the rabbit (?yrs), cousin, Jim Tiedje.
    18. July, 2001, reprise the shoulder thing at the McAndrew reunion
            (l-r: Bob, Mary, John, Kathy, Tim).