Ireland 2002
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In the last week of May, and the first week of June of 2002, Mary and I, along with Mary's brother, Bob, and his wife, Linda, spent two wonderful weeks in Ireland. We had the time of our lives, and can't wait to go back. The people were so wonderful, bed-and-breakfasts were unbelievably delightful. The views across Ireland are breathtaking. All that, not to mention that it was the home of the Hughes and McAndrews ancestors.

Greetings to family & friends. If you're curious about our trip to Ireland, then let's just say one thing:

Erin Go Bragh!

. . . which is Gaelic for "Ireland Forever," or in more literal terms, "'til doomsday."

Our first week we were in a cottage on the grounds of the Park Hotel in Kenmare, in the southwest, not far from Killarney. This is County Kerry. And everywhere is "Guinness Country." 

We landed at the Shannon Airport, then took in the annual music festival in nearby Ennis. After our first week, we did the bed-and-breakfast thing, traveling  through Cork and Waterford, and up to Dublin, checking out County Kildare where the Hughes came from. 

Here's a nice map of Ireland.