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Marie Bernadette (McAndrew) Hughes passed away February 15, 2005. She is greatly loved by her family, and will be greatly missed.

Born in Lost Nation, Iowa, in Clinton County, in eastern Iowa, Marie was the fifth of ten children born to Philip Eugene McAndrew and Jane Bernadette McGonegle.

With Richard Joseph Hughes, Marie gave birth to six children: Thomas, Robert, Mary, John, Kathleen, and Timothy.

Below are some photos related to the funeral. The first set is from the collage created for visitation at Fisch Funeral Home in Remsen, Iowa. 

Oh, the first photo of flowers? ... The bouquet at the grave seemed bejeweled after 24 hours of gentle mist. 

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The next photos were taken at Hugos in Le Mars, Iowa, after the wake service.

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Two of Marie's brothers, John and Paul, along with many other friends and family were able to join us for the funeral at St. Mary's Catholic Church in Remsen, and the luncheon in City Hall in Remsen.

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Some of the grandkids.

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