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McAndrew Reunion - 2011!

35a3.jpg (30050 bytes)The McAndrew clan, raised in Lost Nation, Iowa, began with the family of Philip Eugene McAndrews and Jane (Jen) Bernadette McGonagle. From that union came 10 children. The McAndrews ancestors came from County Mayo, Ireland.

In July of 2003, the 10th McAndrew Reunion took place, this time in Dubuque, Iowa. The family gathers for such reunions every two years, with several of the first reunions being spaced three years apart. Approximately 120 family members gather each time.

Counting Philip and Jane as generation #1, a fifth generation is now emerging. If everyone appeared for the reunion, there would be well over 200 members. The fun and enjoyment that the clan has is so memorable that it is common for friends of family members to join the celebration.

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Here is a description about the surname of McAndrew, offered at the website:

MacAndrew Ross

"MacAndrews, of Norman origin, are a branch of the Barretts of Bac, Co. Mayo. They became practically an Irish sept, having a well defined territory on the eastern side of Lough Conn. So numerous were they in the seventeenth century that they occupy half a column of the large page index of the Mayo Book of Survey and Distribution. They appear in it also under the synonym FitzAndrew. Not so numerous now, they are still concentrated in Co. Mayo and all the sixteen Mac Andrew births registered in 1890 were in that county: the 1864-1866 registers reveal an almost similar position at that time. Up to the end of the seventeenth century the name was also well known in Co. Kerry. In 1597 three Mac Andrews of that county were attainted, in 1622 we meet a MacAndrew of Ardfert, and their association with that part of the country is testified by the place-name Baflymacandrew in the Tralee area. They were presumably a branch of the Fitzgeralds who have since resumed their original patronymic. At one time MacAindréis, anglicized MacAndrew, was adopted as a Gaelic patronymic by the Scottish family of Ross; their descendants appear to have resumed the surname Ross, which is numerous in Ireland, especially in Ulster; of the 90 Ross births registered in 1866, 70 were in that province and in 1890 the proportion is much the same. The only county outside Ulster with any considerable number is Cork."

Here's a nice map of Ireland. You should visit.