Minnesota 2005
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August 3-7, 2005, Grindstone Lake, near Sandstone, Minnesota.

the photos...
I remember each place, and each moment,
and the journey that brought me to that place and that moment,
transforming each vision into a jewel in a sacred instrument,
and although you were not present
in that specific journey, perhaps
the images of divine well-spring
will invoke in you
your own gasp,
and a smile will flow from your face,
and a memory of delight,
to dance with the new joy,
will know eternal eagerness
ever ready to celebrate
the gift

A gathering of seventy-some men convened for a little spiritual journey, a male right of passage, guided by Fr. Richard Rohr of the Center for Action and Contemplation. The following are some photos of the grounds of the Audubon Environmental Center of the North Woods where the event was hosted -- wonderfully, I might add. To learn more about male initiation, read "Adam's Return: The Five Promises of Male Initiation." by Richard Rohr. 

Captions are below. Click the thumbnails for larger views.

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01: Deciduous forest - fungi on trunk.
02: Deciduous forest - light filters in.
03: Look closely ... there is a crack in everything ...
04: A quilt of green stars hangs overhead.
05: Grindstone Lake.
06: The pine forest.
07: Moss and friends on a pine stump.
08: New pines, too.
09: Wetland clearing in the forest.
10: Wetland shore.
11: Cicada.
12: Milky Way is there, but not so easy to photograph.
13: Rodger, John, and Greg.
14: Audubon dining hall.
15: Audubon dorm (Crosby).
16: Our  ritual tent, with solar panels in foreground, tracking the sun.