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Welcome to our website!

We are Greg and Mary Woolever, and you've reached the "heartland" of the United States: Ankeny, Iowa

Ankeny is part of the metro area of Des Moines, Iowa, which is the capitol of the state of Iowa. We are both native Iowans, and have raised three wonderful children in Ankeny. 

Iowa is a very rural state, but we live an urban life in the Des Moines metro area. Greg works as a technical writer. Mary works as a radiologic technologist. 

The WOOLEVER surname comes from the original German name of Wohlleben, which can be translated as "lives well" (wohl=well; leben=live). Greg's great uncle, Raymond Woolever, traced the family tree back to around 1650 in an area known as the Palatinate, along the Rhine River. On Greg's  mother's side, the surname is Dykstra, which is soundly Dutch, with the recent heritage rooted in the very Dutch community of Pella, Iowa (see photo above of Pella tulips).

Mary's maiden name is Hughes, and her paternal heritage originates in County Kildare, Ireland, with her great grandfather, Richard Hughes, emigrating from Ireland in 1848. Mary's maternal heritage is McAndrew, emigrating from County Mayo, Ireland. See her smiling eyes and red hair ... what more can you say?!!

Thanks for visiting. Enjoy exploring our content. We'd love to hear from you. See email addresses below. 

If you're interested in classical music for the masses, check out Greg's website for the Des Moines Community Orchestra. Greg has been playing violin with them since 1990. Admission to their concerts is FREE! 


My how time flies ... we apparently look a little older now even though it only seems like yesterday when we took the photo below ....

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