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2005 September 24: Russ & Miriam visit at Frank's & Dorothy's apartment in Des Moines.
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Photo Album - from the past: Earl & Esther Woolever Family

(or see their descendents at the reunion picnic, June 24, 2000)

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(See the notes below for details.)

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  1. Esther Fernland: "Me, taken in Des Moines when I was working at Des Moines National Bank, taken in 1911 or 1912 - I was 22 or so."
  2. Fernland Siblings (siblings of Esther): (back) Ruth, Esther, Lola, (front) Jim, Oscar, Irene. Taken in Boone, Iowa, 1912.
  3. Woolever Siblings (children of Earl & Esther), about 1938: (back) Russ, Frank, (center) Alice, (front) Earl, Jr., Virginia.
    (Birth order: Virginia, Frank=my Dad, Russ, Earl, Jr., Alice.)
  4. Woolever Siblings (children of Earl & Esther, about 1928: (back) Russ, Frank, (center) Virginia, (front) Alice, Earl, Jr..
  5. Earl & Esther with their five grown children, about 1947: (back, left to right) Earl, Russ, Earl, Jr., Frank, (front, left to right) Virginia, Alice, Esther.
  6. The main residence of the Woolever's while they lived in Valley Junction, 619 13th Street (as it looks today).
  7. Valley High School, before it was torn down and a new building was built.
  8. The First Methodist Episcopal Church, where the Woolever's went to church. The building is still located at 7th and Elm, though presently it is being used by a gymnastics club.
  9. The gravestone of Earl & Esther in Owatonna, MN - Forest Hill Cemetery, Lot 40-2nd addition (photo May 12, 2003). 
  10. Frank E. Woolever standing in front of the house where he lived with this grandparents, Frank and Alice E. (Jarrett) Woolever, 422 E. Broadway St., Owatonna, MN (photo May 17, 2003).