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Here are a few other miscellaneous photos of our family and family events....

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2009 - July - Backyard summer bonanza ... they're back ...
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hibiscus, impatiens, purple cone flower, rose of sharon, cana, blackeyed susan, herb garden (dill, basil, thyme, rosemary, mint, chives), coral bells, hostas... 

2004 - October
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Beautiful autumn day, October 08, 2004, viewing migrating pelicans at Saylorville Lake in Jester State Park. Picture number 6 was taken September 13, 2004, when the pelicans were at their abundant peak (shot through binoculars).

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On August 20, 2004, Frank and Greg schedule a little golf outing to tune up their golf swings. Later that evening, a beautiful crescent moon sets in the west. 

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    1. Marie eager to head out to go to the "senior prom."
    2. With chaperones Mary and John.