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Photos of Cornelius John and Hallie Isabel:
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Here are a few photos related to the family of C.J. and Hallie:
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    1. 2003 cousins dinner rendezvous in St. Louis: Peter, Susan, Tom, Mary (Tom), Mary (Greg).
    2. Greg and Mary in St. Louis.
    3. Mary and Tom at the dinner extravaganza.
    4. Peter and Susan at the same dinner extravaganza.
    5. The families of Ray and Ann Dykstra, giving every indication of having a good time. 

1.web0747_pella_sq.jpg (14631 bytes)  2.web0767_4x6_lottie_house.jpg (23348 bytes)
    1. A favorite stop (oh, boy...!) in the town square of Pella, Iowa.
    2. Home that Aunt Lottie lived in.

1.web_xmas2003_5x7.jpg (28635 bytes)  2.web0761_5x7.jpg (22115 bytes) 3.easter2003_5x7web.jpg (25934 bytes)
    1. Cousin Kevin Dykstra and family, Patty, Caroline, Ben, Nate (Christmas 2002).
    2. Cousin Dan Dykstra, and sons, Bobby and Matt.
    3. Uncle Frank, Aunt Dorothy, Easter 2003.


Hey, Dykstra cousins: Send me your photos and news, and I will add to and update this page. It's time for us to reconnect! 

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