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June 3, 2007: The family gathers in Norfolk, NE, for a Relay for Life benefit golf tournament in the name of Diamond Bob Hughes, and dedication of Bob's gravestone. Russ gets the ball rolling on the first tee of the shotgun start, two-person best ball team event. 
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The course at El Dorado Golf and Country club was gorgeous, as was the weather, and as was Samuel Thomas, son of Ann and Mike Rush, debuting in front of the family for the weekend. What a wonderful life!

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Hughes Christmas, 2006, hosted by Mike & Ann Rush in their Sioux City home. 

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May 27, 2006, Memorial Day weekend, the Hughes family gathered for a bridal shower for Ann Hughes in the clubhouse of the Remsen Country Club, Remsen, Iowa. (1) Ann's uncles/aunts Tim, Kathy, Bob, Mary. (2) Ann's uncle Bob and his wife, Linda. (3) Ann in the midst of opening shower gifts during the Saturday morning open house shower party. Ann will marry Mike Rush in Remsen in July. 

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In 2005, Mary Hughes Woolever decorated the graves of her loved ones in Remsen and Le Mars, leaving symbolic blossoms to represent herself and her living siblings, Bob, Mary, Kathy, and Tim.