Reunion - 2001
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In July of 2001, as has been done every two years for quite some time, the descendants of Phillip and Jane McAndrew, from Lost Nation, Iowa, gathered for a family reunion, this time in Colorado Springs . Over 110 relatives attended, plus assorted other friends and supporters. A profound longing to embrace family, and to celebrate and nourish each other's lives, is the driving energy.  

Here are a couple photos shot during the Saturday afternoon picnic, 2001. Click to see a larger view.

1.fullgroup.jpg (132715 bytes)   2. elder5.jpg (214141 bytes)   3. web_hughes_kids.jpg (150165 bytes)

  1. The first photo is the full group present for the official picture-taking.

  2. The second photo is of "the elders" responsible for this clan - the five remaining children of Phillip and Jane McAndrew. Back, left to right, Paul McAndrew, John McAndrew, Bob McAndrew. Seated, left to right, Rose Tiedje, Marie Hughes.

  3. The "Hughes Kids," left to right in birth order, Bob, Mary, John, Kathy, Tim.