Reunion - 2005
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Davenport, July 1-3, 2005

What a great reunion for the McAndrews of Lost Nation, Iowa. Great job hosting by the Harts (Phil, Theresa, Mary Jane, Maureen, Paul, and Marie). What follows is the description leading up to the event:

Contact info: Mary Jane Meade.

1201 4th St. Ct., DeWitt, IA 52742
563-659-8595  =home
563-249-5532  =cell

Accommodations: Best Western Steeplegate Inn (100 W.76th Street)

I-80 & Brady St. (=Exit 295 on I-80, or the intersection of US 61 and I-80)
Davenport, IA
Turn right (west) onto 65th Street, follow access road
Reservations: "McAndrew Reunion" (toll free reservations: 800-373-6900) 
Local Phone: 563-386-6900

Picnic: Grace Church Camp, DeWitt, IA

Golf: Springbrook Country Club, DeWitt, IA

Auction: Bring an item to start a family bidding war.

Photos: A professional photographer will take orders.

Talent Show: Be ready to show your stuff!

Cookbook (a cookbook was originally planned, but will have to be postponed until later, as response was too low): This will be a keepsake with photos and a short family history. Submit your family favorites by April 30, 2005, to Mary Jane, at the address listed above. The cookbook will be published by a specialty service, and you need to submit your recipes on their special form -- click here to download a copy of the form as a PDF file. If you'd like to email your recipes to Mary Jane, try this Word file blank form to deliver the text to Mary Jane -- fill out a separate copy for each recipe, and attach each Word file to your email to Mary Jane.

AND, don't forget to tell Mary Jane how many copies of the cookbook you want to buy -- she will print only as many copies as are ordered.

Great job, Harts!