Reunion - 2007
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McAndrew Reunion - 2007

Riverside, California: July 6-8, 2007

Check out all the details by clicking HERE for the special website for the McAndrew Reunion of the clan from Lost Nation, Iowa. 

Thanks to Erik and Stephanie (Tiedje) Redmond for making Riverside such a success!

Some photos of my own from the reunion event:

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1. The Hughes contingent: (f) Russ, Mary, Greg; (b) Ryan, Theresa, Linda, Jeff.
2. Linda & Mary connected to our missing Harts in nearby Temecula Valley wine country. Good stuff!
3. The Mission in downtown Riverside, now functioning as a hotel. 
4. A provocative sentiment in the museum of The Mission. 
5. The Elders enthrall us with their musical message during the talent show.

Get for your professional version of the Big Picture, and many others, taken by Michael Elderman at the picnic
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