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- a gathering of the McAndrews of Lost Nation, Iowa.

It was back to the beginning!

Yes, indeed! This was a milestone. If you missed it, just don't miss 2011 in Lost Nation, hosted by the Paul McAndrew clan! But this year it was back to Ankeny, where it (the reunions) all started. This was the fourth time in Ankeny. And 2009 was also the 25th year since the reunions all started in 1984.

Got it? 2011 = Iowa City!

The final act of each reunion is selection of the next site and host clan. Uncle Paul's family will host in Iowa City in 2011. Thanks, Paul and Lola, who are the main anchors in Iowa City. Now, everyone pitch in and lend a hand!


Monday, July 13, 2009: The photos are available! Click here to go the the website of our photographer, Chris Onsrud, to download the shots that he made for us. Thanks, Chris -- loving and cooperative as the McAndrew clan is, working with a large group is always a challenge. 

You can download the individual shots you want, or all of them, or download a zip file of the whole set at once. Chris has made these available without any additional charge -- we just paid him a flat rate to do the shoot After downloading, print them yourself as you see fit. If you haven't done that before, you will find that buying a package of photo paper from your local office supply store will give great results -- much better than printing to regular paper. Or maybe you just want to view them on your computer. If you need help or advice, please feel free to contact me, Greg Woolever

What a handsome family ... check it out.  

What happened?


July 3-5, 2009. 


Ankeny, Iowa (not Lost Nation, but ground zero for the reunions).


Best Western Metro North (yes, the original venue); reserve before June 12 !
Did you notice the welcome marquee sign above -- click the photo to see a larger image. Yes, the motel is ready and excited to greet our return, and has had the welcome sign out since early June. They've even got Guinness for those true Irish among us. That'll be in the pub next door to our hospitality room. 


Woodland Hills (yes, we've been there before).


Cherry Glen, Shelter # 5 at Saylorville Lake (playground and modern restrooms nearby).


5:00 p.m. Saturday mass at Our Lady's Immaculate Heart Church, 510 East First Street, Ankeny, IA.

the rest

Yes, all the rest -- the hugs and kisses, the family tree wall chart, the silent auction, the games at the picnic, the great photo shoot, the talent show, everything you've come to expect will be here!

the cost

Each family covers their own motel charges, golf fees, and Sunday brunch. Silent auction proceeds cover food, beverages, and supplies in the hospitality room and at the picnic, which means we need your contributions of silent auction items, and your bids on the items others offer. Got something of family interest? 

Are you loving the Danny Boy tune that's playing? Want to have a copy yourself? Click here to download. 

McAndrew Reunion event website: Stephanie (Tiedje) Redmond maintains her McAndrew Reunion website, so click here to see her presentation of the information, and communicate with each other with the blog she provides there. Thanks, Stephanie!

McAndrew Family Yahoo! Group website: And don't forget the Yahoo! Group that Kate Bell and Stephanie Redmond organized in 2007. Click here for access to that site. If you have a Yahoo! account, just enter your Yahoo! ID and password to enter. If you're not already a member, join up and you can share conversation and files there. Your membership can be set to automatically deliver email to you each time there are messages posted there  -- that's optional, but if you want it to work that way, it will.

And check around the website here for more genealogy details, and reunion history, etc.

Contact Mary or Greg Woolever for any further information or comments: Mary. Greg.