Reunion - 2013
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Welcome to the year 2013

... and the 2013 McAndrew Reunion!

July 5-7, 2013

Centerstone Inn and Suites, Maquoketa, Iowa

We return to Lost Nation and our accommodations in Maquoketa, as we did in 2011, coordinated this time by the Hart family. Lost Nation, Iowa, original home of Philip and Jane and all "the kids."

Of course, Lost Nation can't provide accommodations for a group our size, so we will be at the Centerstone Inn and Suites in nearby Maquoketa. Picnic and Mass are in Lost Nation on Saturday. 

For full details about the reunion, see the McAndrew Reunion website here.

Click for a city map of Maquoketa.

Click for website of Maquoketa.

Click for state map of Iowa.


Plan for the silent auction -- what will you bring?
Bring your clan colors to the picnic and photo shoot (...the T-shirt deal...).
Plan for the great McAndrew Talent Show.
Decide if you'll do the golf outing (before you leave home without your golf clubs).
Make sure the rest of your extended family is doing the same.

Get ready for another wonderful gathering of family in the ancestral home of Lost Nation, Iowa!

Photos of Lost Nation 

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Rain or shine, Lost Nation is delightful. 

Wonderful artists in Maquoketa

Some of you may be interested to know that a local artist is darn famous, has a gallery in Maquoketa, and recently had a major show at the Smithsonian National Portrait Gallery!

The art gallery of Rose Frantzen in Maquoketa
Video intro to the art show, music by Rose's brother ... does the local talent ever end!
Video of process of painting
Video of painting #2
Video of collection of finished portraits
YouTube video of Rose at the Smithsonian
Radio interview on Iowa Public Radio -- a great summary of what the project and art show is all about. link

Can't wait to be in Maquoketa!