Reunion 2000
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Memories of WW2

Once there was a Woolever Reunion...

The Woolever Reunion 2000 has now come and gone, but sweet memories linger. Nothing can compare to the encounter with your own, especially when memories were rooted in childhood joys. Eventually, the distraction of adult journeys, and the tyranny of distance gives way to longing. Then comes the reuniting!

estherwed.jpg (58462 bytes)Who: Descendants of Earl Jarrett Woolever (1889-1948) and Esther Elena Fernlund (1889-1968), whose five children were raised in Iowa. (Earl & Esther are my grandparents.)

Where: Des Moines, Iowa

When: Friday, June 23, 2000 through Sunday, June 25, 2000.

wntr_reunion.jpg (66785 bytes)Click the photos for a larger view. And what's up with the snow on the "Woolever Reunion" sign?




A few shots from the reunion picnic, June 24, 2000, at Saylorville Lake just north of Des Moines, Iowa. (Photos by Chris Onsrud of Chris Onsrud Photography, Des Moines, IA, 515-279-7858.)

(Click photos to see larger image)

1.picnic_all.jpg (102148 bytes)  2.elders4.jpg (169766 bytes)  3.picnic_cousins.jpg (85396 bytes)

  1. The obligatory group shot. Taking our sweet time to age properly, we are still only three generations.
  2. The elders: Russ, Alice, Earl, Frank. Due to temporary health issues, Virginia was unable make it to the picnic.
  3. The cousins (minus only two...not bad...): Rick Nelson, Jim Nelson, Maurie Miller, Mark Woolever, Brian Woolever, Mary Shaffer, Kristin Woolever, Bruce Woolever, Erin Whitener, Wendy Cummiskey, Greg Woolever, Michelle Baird, Merrick Miller, Merrill Miller.

The reunion festivities concluded at the Sunday brunch with the "elders" recalling some memories of their World War II days.

Newsletters to the relatives before the 2000 reunion:

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