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In 2010, Sarah and Nick Deacon have created a set of new and original recordings - an EP named Peone. All are written and performed by Sarah and Nick. Click here to purchase and download from iTunes:

In 2004, Sarah created an album of original songs. It includes nine songs, all written and performed by Sarah.

For more about Sarah's whereabouts: .

Album title: just wanting to say

A clip: I Will Laugh

A review: see below


The songs:
just wanting to say
catholic guilt song
i will laugh
maybe we
where my mind is
better things

All songs written and performed by Sarah Woolever
"maybe we" guitar accompaniment created by Errin Frank
Copyright 2004 Sarah Woolever

A Review - just wanting to say - original music by Sarah Woolever:

These songs, written and performed solo by Sarah Woolever, are born out of Sarah's experiences, and propelled by her love of music. She loves to perform and to reach her listeners in a way that connects feelings, and reinforces human relationships. She's been doing this for several years in the coffeehouses around Minneapolis.

Musically, her songs are complex and interesting, going places you don't really expect, and moving in a continuously forward direction. 

Emotionally, the songs are deep and rich, as well as personal and authentic. They seem to flow from real life, not fluff fabricated for a show. There is a sense of Sarah's need to embrace her art as a way to travel her journey. Though some of the songs are edgy, the sensitivities are distinctly feminine.

Vocally, Sarah is evolving a unique style that reflects the emotional content of her songs, and is often bluesy in a unique and understated manner, bypassing the current fashion of an exaggerated blues idiom.

Sarah's guitar work is ambitious, and reflects a continuing growth of her skills there.

Overall, her performance on these pieces seems to bring together all the elements into what is ultimately poetic, with the emotional content, rooted in an authentic passion to drink life deeply, being the starting point and center of the artistic expression. Then, each element -- the words, the content and structure of the music, the guitar patterns and progressions, her vocal emphasis and expression -- all these reinforce the meaning and emotion of the music. It is art, and it is poetry.

The album was recorded in the studio of a friend and fellow coffeehouse performer, Beau Kinstler, one of the best rising artists around Minneapolis. Sarah's album, with its single guitar accompaniment, may seem austere at first hearing to some. But once one adjusts to its realities, the result actually enhances the central meanings -- so personal, direct, and real.  

But then, I'm her father, so you have to take what I say with a grain of salt, right?

Well, judge for yourself. See if you don't find that listening reveals and delivers more each time. Something significant and universal is here.

The early years ...

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