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Greg's paternal grandparents, Earl Jarrett Woolever and Esther Elena Fernland, lived through the great depression, and raised five children. As was common during the era, they move frequently in search of employment. 

The Woolever surname is an anglicized version of the German name, Wohlleben or Wohleber, or variations thereof. It is a nickname type of surname, derived from a descriptive intent. The meaning can be translated from the German as "lives well" (wohl=well; leben= to live). More loosely translated, it seems to mean, "one who lives well," or "well-born," implying that the family lived in circumstances better than the average. There are numerous variants of the anglicized name, including Welliver, Williver, Wohlieben, Wohlieber, Wolleben, Wolleber, Woleben, Wolaver, Wooliever. 

Greg's great uncle, Raymond Woolever, traced the family tree back to around 1650 in a small village named Bacharach, in an area known as the Palatinate, along the Rhine River. 

Click here for the immediate family of Earl and Esther.

Click here for a list of descendents, beginning with original immigrant, Wallrath Wohlleben.

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